Gynaecological department

The gynecological department of Mykonos Medical with scientific responsible the physician obstetrician gynecologist Dr. Kirmoutselis Efstratios, offers a high level of obstetric care in the community of the island, the surrounding areas and visitors.
Services include annual clinical examination, teenage clinical examination, prenatal care, cancer screening control, and management of menopause. 
The services of the gynecological department are:

Obstetric services
• Prenatal testing
• Monitoring pregnant
• Childbirth (normal, caesarean) normal birth after caesarean
• Ultrasound (vaginal and abdominal)
• addressing routine obstetric problems
• Breastfeeding Tips
Gynaecological services
• Pap tests
• Sexual transmitted diseases, prevention, vaccination, treatment
• Ultrasound abdominal and vaginal
• cancer control
• Breast Examination, assessment mammography control
• Polycystic ovaries
• Advisory assessment and treatment menopausal issues, osteoporosis
Services at the clinic
• Colposcopy
• Ultrasound (vaginal- abdominal)
• cryotherapy
• Biopsy



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