Medical laboratories

  Mykonos Medical has state of the art medical laboratories with the latest technology equipment , allowing tests to be carried out with quality and accountability. Continuous laboratory controls and participation in external quality control programs , ensure valid and reliable results. Scientific director of the Mediacal […]

Gynaecological department

The gynecological department of Mykonos Medical with scientific responsible the physician obstetrician gynecologist Dr. Kirmoutselis Efstratios, offers a high level of obstetric care in the community of the island, the surrounding areas and visitors. Services include annual clinical examination, teenage clinical examination, prenatal care, cancer screening control, […]

Endocrinology department

The endocrinologist Dr. Papavergis Stavros, coordinator of the endocrinology department of Mykonos Medical, offers patients reliable diagnosis and treatment of the following disorders: Diseases of the thyroid gland Diabetes mellitus type I and II Pituitary Diseases Diseases of the adrenal gland Diseases of the parathyroid glands Gestational […]


The ultrasound is currently one of the most reliable diagnostic methods in modern medicine. It is safe, painless, and quick. It’s basic that it does not use radiation, as opposed to other imaging methods. Moreover, it is a harmless and inexpensive diagnostic method. Mykonos Medical features the […]



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